One Work-At-Home Job That Can Make You Six Figures A Year: Amazon FBA

If you love shopping and you love buying stuff on sale and selling it for a profit, you will love selling with Amazon FBA. This is seriously a great work-at-home job or just a very lucrative side-hustle. I’ve been selling with Amazon FBA for a while now. The best part? You can do almost all of it in your pajamas!A Work-At-Home job that can make you six figures a year.

Looking for a work-at-home job or want a way to start a serious side hustle? Read on.

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I’ve been selling on Amazon since about 2008 and it’s been a great side-hustle. About a year ago I took the plunge and started selling with Amazon FBA.

What made me finally start selling Amazon FBA was reading about Jessica Lawrrew and how she made a 6 figure profit in her first year of selling on Amazon FBA!  Her story really blew me away and showed me how much money I was missing out on!

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What is Amazon FBA?

FBA stands for Fulfilled By Amazon. That means that Amazon takes care of all the customer service, storage, processing, shipping, and returns. Essentially, I have an online store that is run by Amazon. I just ship the products to Amazon and they handle the rest. I am able to control my prices but Amazon takes care of everything else. The biggest bonus is that all my products are available for Amazon Prime by being a FBA seller.

The benefits of selling Amazon FBA as opposed to shipping my own products:

  • My products are eligible for Amazon prime. Prime members receive free two-day shipping.
  • Amazon is HUGE and they spend a TON of money getting people to their site = more sales for me.
  • Amazon stores all of my products for me at their warehouse.
  • I save a TON of time on shipping and handling.
  • I don’t have to deal with customers. Amazon takes care of that for me.
  • My sales are waaaay higher with FBA. Prime members ALWAYS choose a FBA seller over a private seller.

When I decided to start selling FBA I winged it. I read as much free info as I could and figured I would be fine. WRONG! I made some rookie mistakes, (ask me why I have 40 bags of dog biscuits in my pantry and one teeny tiny dog, LOL.)

I just figured, hey, I’ve sold on Amazon-I know what I’m doing.

But selling with Amazon FBA and selling used books on Amazon or Ebay are two completely different beasts.

There is soooo much information out there about selling FBA and so little of it is actually useful. And to top it off, the official Amazon “help” pages are practically worthless.

So after my dog biscuit fiasco I decided to enroll in Jessica Larrew’s Amazon Boot Camp.

Amazon Boot Camp is an online, step- by-step training course that goes over everything you need to know about selling with Amazon FBA. Jessica takes the guess-work out of selling on Amazon and explains everything in a simple, understandable way. She even covers aspects I never knew were important to this business.

It’s a really easy side gig but there is a lot of information that you should be be aware of like a product’s sales history, pricing history, product’s rank in the Amazon system, and other details.

You can totally figure all of this out on your own but if you want to hit the ground running, a training course like Amazon Boot Camp will help you start making a profit right away.

One of the best things about this course is it allows you access to the Amazon Boot Camp private Facebook group. Here you can interact with other members who are going through the training and selling on Amazon FBA too.

It’s a great community and very supportive. I’m a member of other Amazon facebook groups but Jessica’s is the most supportive and her helpers are always there, quick to answer any questions that may arise. Plus the members are very supportive of each other and it’s a safe space to ask rookie or experienced questions with no mean replies.

I made the money I invested in the course back within the first week of selling. In fact my first week of sales totaled $545. Not too shabby!

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So how do you do this gig in your pajamas?

I source 90% of the products I ship to Amazon from online retailers. This means that I don’t go to physical stores to find my merchandise, I shop online and have the items sent to me. This is called online retail arbitrage.

That’s just a fancy word for finding stuff cheap online and selling it for a profit on Amazon. 🙂

When the items that I buy online arrive at my house I just have to process them so that I can ship them to Amazon to sell.

I split up the packages into smaller shipments, label them with my Amazon FBA seller id, and ship them to Amazon’s warehouse. The technical term for this is online arbitrage but I like to call it shopping in my p.j.’s.

The Amazon Boot Camp training course goes over all the different ways you can find products to sell on Amazon and the numbers you need to know when you are shopping for things to sell.

Another plus to this is that I earn Swagbucks and Ebates money when I buy things online to sell on Amazon. You can read how I make extra cash with those programs here. Essentially everything I buy online earns me money.

So if you are looking for a good side-hustle or work-at-home job that has some real earning potential I suggest you check out Jessica’s boot camp and start making some serious dough!

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  1. I had never heard of this, but I’m interested. I’ll go to boot camp and learn what I can.

  2. The great thing about Amazon is that there are so many ways to make money with it. It is not hard to learn, does not cost a lot to get started, but there are literally dozens, if not hundreds of different strategies you can take advantage of. From scouting thrift stores and earning 1000% ROI, through building your own brand to take to big box retailers, and everything in between can be done on Amazon.

  3. This is really interesting -i didn’t even know this was a thing. You said 90% of your products you bought online to resell.Do you make the other 10% yourself or buy from brick and mortar stores? And do you store the product at your house until someone buys form Amazon?

  4. This is so interesting, I never realized this was a thing! Thanks for the detailed post! I might have to look into this over the summer when I am off work!

  5. Thanks for this great info! I have heard so much about selling on Amazon, but also have heard so many conflicting stories. I’ll definitely save this article for future reference.

  6. Love this read!! I have just begun my Amazon FBA journey & am very excited. But I live in a very rural area & plan to do most of my sourcing online. Do you care to share any tips for finding items online to a newbie?? Thanks!

    1. Definitely join Amazon FBA Facebook groups. Those have a wealth of knowledge in them.Just do a Facebook search for them. The Selling Family facebook group is the best but it’s only available to people who purchase their training.
      Also make sure to start using camel,camel,camel ASAP. GOOD LUCK!

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