Make Your Dreams Into Reality With A Vision Board

Make your dreams a reality with a vision board

Visualizing your desires is one of the best ways to meet goals. This is turn increases your happiness. Saying positive affirmations is one way to manifest desires. Another way is through positive visualization. We can also practice short visualization exercises throughout the day by creating a vision board.

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What is a Vision Board

Visualization is one of the most powerful mental exercises you can do. Most people believe that the law of attraction exists, i.e., if you have a positive presence, you attract positive things. The book The Secret puts it more eloquently, “The law of attraction is forming your entire life experience and it is doing that through your thoughts. When you are visualizing, you are emitting a powerful frequency out into the Universe.”

A vision board is a physical board you create to remind you daily how you want to feel, what you want to achieve, and what you want to nurture. Place a vision board in an area where you will see it often, preferably multiple times a day. I have a simple vision board (pictured below) hanging in my office/closet room. It’s right over the light switch so I have to look at it every time I enter and leave the room.

What to Put on Your Vision Board

This is really up to you. I recommend putting things on your vision board that affect the way you want to feel – not just things you want to have.

How to create a vision board.

This is a simple pin board I found at Target on Valentine’s Day clearance. I placed a family picture in the center. It’s from our first family trip to Disney World. This serves a few different purposes: it reminds me of how happy we felt when we were there, it motivates me to increase my side hustles so that we can go again, and it helps me visualize what quality time feels like with my family. This one picture does several positive visualizations in one go.

I have a few words cut out of magazines posted to my board. One of them is Be Gorgeous. This may seem superficial but it actually serves a strong purpose. When I spend the time to accessorize, do a full face of makeup, and fix my hair – I feel great. I don’t do it for attention from others. I feel good because I feel powerful when I do this. I feel like a strong energy radiates from within me. I feel like I’m able to accomplish more with this power, that I’m able to ward off negative energy, and I’m happier overall. This powerful feeling is one that I want to be reminded of each time I glance at my vision board.

I also have a sweet poem and a craft made by my daughter and a business card from an editor of an academic journal. These help me visualize quality time with my children and the love I have for my academic work. Other images and words on my board remind me of how good I feel when I’m gardening, how I love to explore my city, and how important friendships are to me.

You can turn your dreams into reality with a vision board. Use a dream board or vision board for manifesting what you want in life. It's great to dream.

Variations of Vision Boards

My vision board is pretty simple. You may want you vision board to be more detailed and specific. It’s completely up to you.

Take some time to think about what you want your vision board to do for you. Do you want one big vision board that encompass all areas of your life? Or do you want to create multiple boards for different elements in your life? You can create one for business, one for love and family, etc.

Sometimes creating a vision board can also spark your creativity and inspiration. Being intentional about what you place on your vision board can help you see things more clearly. It might spark a new idea or project.

When creating a vision board, try to find a good chunk of time where you can really focus. Avoid distractions like email or texts. Think of it as a sort of meditation time.

Remember a vision board is yours and yours alone. You can revise it, add to it, take things off whenever you feel like it! Also, if you have sensitive things on it or just don’t want other people to see it, maybe put it in your underwear drawer or in your closet. Somewhere you’ll see it but no one else will.

Do you have a vision board? What kind of things do you have on yours?

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