The Best Survey Sites for Earning Extra Money

How to make extra cash from taking online surveys

Taking online surveys is a great way to earn extra cash. I have a few blogger friends that make upwards of $600 a month taking surveys.

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I’ll be honest from the get-go here. I’m not a super survey taker- I find that I don’t have the patience for it. 🙂 I will say however, that when I go on my occasional survey-taking binges, my extra monthly income skyrockets.

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The surveys listed below are the ones that I’ve had the best experience with or that I’ve heard good things about.

Some are really easy to join and others have more strict admittance. Some pay in cash and others pay in gift cards. Just read the fine print on each one when you’re signing up.

How to make extra money with online survey sites. Survey Sites That Will Add Extra Cash to Your Wallet

Here is the list of survey sites that will pay you for taking surveys and doing other tasks for cash and gift cards


Swagbucks is my all around FAVORITE way to earn gift cards. It’s an all-in-one site that has surveys but also pays you for using it like a search engine, playing games, watching TV, and other activities. You earn points redeemable for gift cards or cash back. Swagbucks has paid its member over $136.7M. I used it last year to fund some of my Disney World trip! Sign up for Swagbucks for FREE. 

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Vindale Research

Vindale has a lot of high payout surveys and this is the one, next to Swagbucks, that I suggest you spend most of your time on. While I haven’t scored one of their $100 surveys, I have gotten a few $25. Vindale is nice because you can see how much the payout is and how long the survey is first before you even begin doing the survey. Sign up for Vindale Research is FREE.

Survey DownLine

SurveyDownline is another survey site. They advertise that they pay higher pay-outs than other companies, up to 45% of what they get per survey. It’s free to join and they also have a referral program where you can make money by inviting your friends to join too. The average survey on this site is about 10 minutes.

American Consumer Opinion

I’ve also had good luck with American Consumer Opinion. If you devote some time to this site you can easily earn $100 a month (like Vinedale). American Consumer Opinion is easy to figure out and most of the surveys average about 10 minutes. ACOP has cash and gift cards.

Here are some other sites worth checking out:

Nielsen Digital Voice

VIP Voice Panel


Harris Poll Online

Panda Research

Cash Fusion


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Need extra cash? Use online surveys for more money, work at home, or as a side hustle. Best sites for survey taking for money and gift cards.


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