5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Mom Blog Today

This post give you five great reasons why you should start a mom blog today.

Five reasons for starting a mom blog:

Blogging is one of the coolest adventures that I’ve ever started. It’s fun, it keeps my mind sharp, and I get to make money from it. What’s not to love?

Below I’m sharing my top five reasons why you should start a mom blog.

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Read on for five reasons why you should start a mom blog today.

Track Your Mothering Adventure

A mom blog is an excellent way to track your adventures in motherhood. Think of it as a virtual scrapbook. Even if you’re not writing a blog solely about mothering your children, your blog will still be a way to look back and remember your own trials of motherhood. It’s also a great way to see your own growth.

Remember, “The days are long but the years are short.” The years when your children are young fly by. A blog can remind you of the internal feelings and struggles of motherhood, much more than simple snapshots can.

It’s super simple to set up your own blog through WordPress and Bluehost hosting for only $3.45 a month. Also, if you use my link you’ll receive a free domain name. Check out my step-by-step guide to getting your own site set up in minutes.

Hold Yourself Accountable

Do you have a goal or life change you want to accomplish? Maybe you want to loose the baby weight, or get out of debt, or start a new business. Tracking your journey publicly can be a great way to track your progress and hold yourself accountable. Tracking your progress on a mom blog can be a powerful motivator and can help you accomplish your goals faster that you would if you were doing it all on your own.

For a Sense of Community

Blogging is a great way to connect with other people. Motherhood can be a lonely time and connecting with other people in the “real” world isn’t always that easy.

Other mom bloggers can become a great resource and set of friends. There are plenty of Facebook groups where mom bloggers congregate and “talk shop.” My favorite right now is Naptime Nation.

It’s really amazing how supporting other bloggers can be! Instead of feeding an atmosphere of competition, most bloggers are eager and ready to offer help and support.

To Make Money

Blogging is a great way to make a side income or even a full-time income. If you’ve considered being a work-at-home-mom, blogging is definitely a good place to start.

Starting a blog has low overhead. All you really need to purchase is your hosting. Other than that- WordPress themes, education, advice, can all be found for free. Sure, there are things you can spend money on, but they are not required. If you’ve got the time and energy, you can do everything fo’ free!

With such a low overhead, the potential to make a profit can happen relatively quickly. Make sure you sign up with good affiliate networks right off the bat. That way, you can start earning from your blog right away.

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A Mom Blog is Fun

Blogging is a great creative outlet! It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a DIY blog or a finance blog, as long as your topic is something that interests you – it’s fun!

Writing a blog keeps your brain sharp. You will constantly be thinking up new ideas for blog posts. After that you’ll need to research and or create the posts.

Having a finished blog post is something to be proud of. You have an original piece, written by you. You created it! That’s something to be proud of.

So what do you think? Are you ready to start a mom blog? Read my step-by-step tutorial for setting up your new blog HERE.

Starting a mom blog is such a cool adventue. Here are five reasons you should start a mom blog today. Click through to read more.

Here's a post that gives you five reasons why you should start a mom blog today. Don't let the opportunity pass you by. Blogging is fun, creative, and you can earn a great side income from it. Click through to read more.

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  1. I love all of these reasons. I didn’t realise my mum blog would turn into my job and make me so many friends. I’d recommend it to everyone x

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