Love the Life You’re Living

Love the Life Your Living- it’s a simple statement but there is such a deeper meaning to it.

Life can hand you lemons, sometimes A LOT of lemons. It’s what you do, or at least try to do, with those lemons that creates the substance of life.

Without sounding too simplistic, I want to share the experience of learning to love the life we are living right now, not the one we wish we had. It is easy to dream about the things we wish we had, or the places we wish we could go– it’s another thing to create those opportunities in our lives right now.

I am sharing my journey towards happiness through building side income, organizing my home and life, creating systems that work, and building and monetizing this blog. By sharing this journey with you I hope to offer inspiration to take control of your life, to love the life you are living, and to create income that will allow you to do the things you truly enjoy.

This blog stems from my personal wish to get my life in order—to get out of debt, to create systems that work for me and my family, and to track my journey into side hustles.

The reason I’m doing this in blog form is threefold:

  1. I want to share the journey with other like-minded women
  2. I want to keep myself accountable.
  3. I want to provide inspiration for others (because I’ve been inspired by soooo many other bloggers).

A Little Bit About Me:

I’m a 30-something mom of two youngish children, the wife to an amazing husband, and I’m working on my Ph.D. in American History which entails teaching at the university level. I am also doing two side hustles; 1) I run an Amazon FBA business and 2) I run this blog. Needless to say my life is crazy busy (hence the name).

This story begins in December of 2008. I was seven months pregnant with my first child and my husband had just lost his job. Two weeks before Christmas I arrived to work at my sales job only to be told they were shutting down the company and all the employees were being let go. There was no warning, no severance pay, nada. So began my journey into thrifty living. We learned to live on less practically nothing but we got by. I began selling used book and clothes on Amazon and Ebay, my husband worked some odd jobs, and we cobbled together a living.

Fast forward to 2011, we moved with our two children (at the time 2 and 6 months) across the country from TX to NY. We left our families behind and most of our stuff. The reason we moved so far away was because my husband had a good job opportunity with one of his best friends. Honestly though, the main reason we left is because we just needed to start over. In hindsight, there were some drawbacks to leaving but overall the move acted like a giant RESET button on our life. We were able to start over in a new city and create the life we wanted to live, one not dictated by family or bad mojo or whatever. I overcame my fear of taking on student debt and started graduate school where I earned my Masters degree.

Presently we’re trucking along. I’m now working on my PhD (just beginning my dissertation) and we are really happy with how life is going.

But there are a few things that keep me up at night;

  1. The academic job market is terrible right now! Even when I finish this dang PhD there is no guarantee I will get a job.
  2. We have debt. This makes me sick to my stomach just writing it.
  3. We both drive old cars with well over 100k miles on each. What if one decides to die on us?
  4. We want to take yearly trips to Disney World. (Don’t judge – this is my wish list right?)

Financial security to me means:

  •  I have a robust retirement fund.
  •  I can afford a more reliable car.
  •  I take my family to Disney World more than once.
  •  I work in academia after I earn my degree but I’m not susceptible to its fluctuating job market because I’m creating income in other ways.
  • We are debt-free.

So how do I do this? By increasing my side hustles, earning passive income, and streamlining my life so that I have time to do both the things I need to do and want to do.

That’s where this blog comes in. I’m going to track my journey towards these goals while constantly reminding myself to enjoy the life I’m living now.

Do these sound like goals you want to work towards a well? Want to join me on the journey?

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