Pug Stuff: The Best Gift Roundup for Every Pug Lover

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I admit it, I’m totally biased when I say this, PUGS ARE THE BEST DOGS EVER.

Okay, so I’m #teampug until I die. Therefore, I think I’m a bit of an expert when it comes to pug stuff.

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If you need to buy a gift for a pug lover or want some pug stuff of your own, you’ve stumbled upon the right roundup. Read on for the best pug stuff available now.


Pug and Bones Decal

This pug and crossbones window decal is so cute! You could also put this on a laptop or other smooth surface.

Gifts for every Pug Lover

Pug Dog Infinity Scarf

How bad-ass is this infinity pug scarf? I love lightweight scarves because they are good for bot fall and winter.

Gifts for pug lovers. Pug Dog Infinity Scarf

Pug Pillow

OMG the little flower on his cute little head. LOL. This pug pillow is too perfect.

Pug Dog Pillow. Gifts for every pug lover

Pug Dog Tea Infuser

Okay this pug tea infuser is weird. But pugs are weird, so I guess it makes sense. ;)

Pug Dog Tea Infuser. Best fits for pug lovers.

Pug Mug

I love the little pug graphics on this pug mug found on Etsy. So cute!

Pug mug. Best gifts for pug lovers

Pug Speaker

A little bluetooth pug shaped speaker? Um, yes please.

Pug dog speaker. Gifts for pug lovers.

Holika Holika Pug Face Mask

Okay, I don’t know about you but I think everyone needs a pug face mask. 

Holika Holika Pug Facial Mask. Gifts for pug lovers. Pug Reusable Bag

If you have to go shopping, you might as well use this reusable pug bag to add some pug love to your day.

Pug Bag. Best gifts for a pug lover

Pug Washi Tape

Washi tape is great for decorating everything. It’s even better when it’s pug washi tape

pug print washi tape. best gifts for pug lovers

Pug Bracelet

This pug bracelet can be personalized with either the owner or pug’s initial.

personalized pug bracelet. Best gifts for pug lovers

Solar Edmond the Pug

Who needs good luck from a Neko Neko when you can good all the good mojo from Edmond the pug solar figure?

solar powered pug dog figure. best gifts for pug lovers

Pug Christmas Ornament

No pug lover’s tree is complete without plenty of pug ornaments.

Pug ornament. Pug stuff for every pug lover

Pugs Duvet Cover

Just look at all those cute little pug faces. This pug duvet cover is pure perfection. Oh Pugs Duvet Cover. Pug stuff for pug lovers

Pug Key Cover

This PVC pug key cover and keychain is perfect for keeping keys organized. Pug key cover. Pug stuff for pug lovers

Don’t forget to use Ebates when you are doing all your shopping! You’ll get cashback for everything you buy.

Need a gift for a pug lover. Check out this roundup of awesome pug stuff.

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  1. These are all so cute! I really love the tea infuser and the mug!

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