How To Create a Vision Board in Your Daily Planner

Vision Board Planner Spread

Create a Vision Board in your Daily Planner

A vision board is something you make, with intention, that highlights the feelings and objects that you want in your life. It’s a form of creative visualization that helps you focus on your goals and put energy into the things you want to create and bring into your life.

Many people make a vision board on a large poster board or cork board and keep it in a place where they can see it everyday.

You can also create a vision board in your planner. 

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Many goal-oriented people create vision boards. If you’ve got a free two-page spread in your planner, you have a built-in space for creating a vision planner spread that you can take with you wherever you go.

Use your planner as an inspiration board

The cool thing about creating a vision board in your planner is that you see it all the time.

Another benefit of having a vision board in your planner is that you can add to it whenever inspiration strikes. If you come across a cool or inspiring image while you’re out and about, no problem. If your vision board is in your planner you can add to it right then and there.

Visualizing your desires is one of the best ways to meet goals. It’s also pretty fun. There’s more to a vision board than just slapping some pictures on a page and calling it a day. It’s not the vision board that works. It’s the clear vision and energy you put into creating the vision board that helps it become reality. 

Plus, it feels really good to envision good things in your life. It’s fun!

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Vision Board Planner Spread

Creating a vision board in your daily planner is just like creating a big one that hangs on your wall. It’s just a little smaller.

Take some time to think about what you want your vision board to do for you. Do you want a two-page spread that encompass all areas of your life? Or, do you want to create multiple spreads for different elements? You can create one for business, one for love and family, etc.

Sometimes creating a vision planner spread can also spark your creativity and inspiration. Being intentional about what you place on your vision board can help you see things more clearly. It also might spark a new idea or project.

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You really only need a few blank pages. 

You can create your vision planner spread with cut-out images and words from magazines or you can doodle, draw, and write. You could also do a combination of both. There are really no “rules” for this. After all, it’s your vision so do what you want!

How to create a vision board in your daily planner

A Beautiful Vision Spread by Crafty Island Girl

How to Create a Vision Board Planner Spread

If you want your vision spread to actually work, you’ve got to have intention while you create it. You could easily slap a few cool pictures on some blank pages and call it a day. However, in reality it’s not the pictures on the page that make a vision spread work, it’s the energy and focus you put into making it. Focus and set goals to create the outcomes you want. The vision spread just helps to keep on track and laser focused on achieving those goals.

Follow these steps to create your own vision planner spread.

1.Gather Your Supplies

I find glue sticks work really well on most planner paper. Simple school glue sticks are fine. You could also go to the craft store and pick up acid-free glue so that your pictures won’t get ruined over time.

Grab a pile of magazines. A wide variety works best because you’ll find different fonts and words. If you’re only flipping through one title, you may find it difficult to find all the words and phrases you are looking for.

Get your scissors or an exacto knife.

Gather all of your markers, pens, paint, and washi tape.

2.Decide what you want to be on your vision board BEFORE you start cutting

Resist the urge to flip through your magazines before you’ve decided what you want on your vision spread.  Remember, this is all about intention. Try not to let pretty pictures pull you away from the goals you want to achieve.

Ask yourself:

How do you want to feel? Try to boil those feelings down to one word.

What do you want to achieve? Again, try to boil that down to one word. This can be hard. That’s the point. You have to really think about it.

What do you value? These are your core beliefs. Make them central to your vision board spread.

Use your vision board as a planner

Vision spread by The Reset Girl

3.Get in the Mood

When you first set up your vision board spread it’s a good idea to set aside some quiet time to work on it. Light some candles and play music that inspires you. You could dim the lights and put on your warm, fuzzy socks. Or do all of the above! Just get comfy and into a good mood.

4.Find your Images and/or Words

If you can’t find the exact word you are looking for, you can always cut out individual letters and make words.

I personally shy away from using images of people. Instead I look for images that are either of the specific thing I want, or are of things that make me think of the thing or feeling I want.

5.Cut and Paste

Here’s the fun part. It’s time to put your images and words on to paper. Sometimes I find this daunting because I worry about the layout. Consider putting a large picture in the center and let other images and words radiate out from there. You could also make each corner have a particular focus. I suggest laying out your pictures and getting everything where you want it before you glue them.

Also, remember that you can’t change other people. You can only change yourself. So if you’ve chosen images and words that rely on other people’s actions, don’t use them in your vision planner. This is all about you.

Use Your Vision Board Planner Spread

Look at your vision page often; every time you open your planner if you can. Seeing the images will help you remember and focus on the things you are working for.

Don’t wait around for things to happen. You need to do things that work towards the goals you’ve chosen. Remember, How to create a vision board in your daily planner. Use a two-page spread to set your goals and get the life you dream of. #visionboard #planner #dailyplanner #spread #journal #vision #manifest #lawofattraction #selfhelp #growth #mindfulness #positivethinking #visualization #creative #artbook #smashbook #artjournal #the vision spread only works if you do.

Choose one thing from your vision planner and start working on that right now. Use your planner to map how you will achieve it.

As you become focused on the things you’ve put on your vision board, you may find some areas of resistance or trouble. Perhaps you have a certain income goal in mind but you’ve had money troubles your whole life. Or maybe you want to spend more time with family but work keeps you away from them. These are what are called “blocks.” They are created from years of actions and decisions that have led you to this point. It’s OK to hit these blocks. That means you are pushing yourself. But, if you want to get over the hurdle it’s time to start working on those blocks. Two of my favorite books for overcoming obstacles are You Are a Badass and Lucky Bitch. You can also check out this list of books for working through blocks.

Just remember, YOU CAN DO THIS. The fact that you’re creating a vision board planner spread means you are on the right track. Now it’s time to do the work to make your dreams a reality.

A vision board works when you are really focused on what you want and you take the steps to get you there. It’s both a hard and simple process at the same time. Just remember, you’ve got this!

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  1. This is such a great idea! I love my planner and use it every day. I never thought about incorporating a vision board into it, but it’s the perfect place for one.

  2. I love this idea! What a great way to keep your goals and visions front and center-exactly where they need to be. I use Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map. I think I can fit in a mini vision board in the pages. I also read You Are A Badass and loved it. Another good one is Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis 🙂

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