9 Simple Tips to Organize a Small Bathroom

Nine ways to organize a small bathroom. Some great tips for organizing a small space and keep your bathroom clutter free. #declutter #small #bathroom #organize #organizing #clutter #washroom #space #saver #bath #shower #diy #budget #cheap #simple

Organize a small bathroom

Are you looking for ways to organize a small bathroom? Read on for some helpful tips to keep one of the most important rooms in your house tidy and organized.

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Small bathrooms are tricky to keep clutter-free. There isn’t a lot of counter space,  cabinet storage, or much room to 9 simple tips to organize a small bathroom. Ways to declutter and store all everything in the most important room in the house. #organize #bathroom #small #organizesmallbathroom #simple #budget #frugal #storage #countertop #tub #shower #storage #cabinet #towel #toys #bath #shelves store toiletries and extras.

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Organize a Small Bathroom

Consider putting floating shelves over the toilet. It’s a modern way to add some extra storage space. You can use small baskets to hide things like wash clothes or extra rolls of toilet paper.

Organize a small bathroom with floating shelves over the toilet

Image Credit: The Frugal Homemaker

If your house is anything like mine, towels wind up on the floor. I finally broke down and got a towel rack to fix the problem. I love these because they are low, so the kids can reach it. Also, they can hold more towels than most towel racks.

Organize a small bathroom with a towel rack

This slim slide out storage tower rack is great for small and tight spaces. This would be perfect to slide next to the shower in that weird little space between the bathtub and the vanity.

Organize a small bathroom with a slim shelfThis easy storage solution may not be the prettiest but it definitely helps with keeping things organized under the counter. I’ve seen these plastic bins at the dollar store or you can pick up sturdier ones here.

Organize a small bathroom with this cabinet organization hack

Image source: Alejandra.tv

Organize Counter Tops

Nothing makes a small bathroom cluttered like a cluttered counter top.

Use this to keep your makeup from cluttering up your counter top. A strong acrylic organizer helps organize your jewelry and cosmetics in one place.

Organize a small bathroom with a makeup Organizer for small spaces

These clear apothecary jars are a simple and stylish way to store things like q-tips and cotton balls. This picture even shows one holding bath bombs, which I think is a great idea. You can also put these on floating shelves, saving valuable counter space.

Organize a small bathroom with clear apothecary jars

Clutter-free Bathtubs

If your bottles of shampoo and body wash are spilling out of the shower, try one of these tension rod bathtub organizers.  This tension corner shower caddy fits in the corner of the shower or tub and keeps everything in its place.

Organize a small bathroom with a bathtub organizer, shower organizerKids bathtub toys seem to multiply. I absolutely love using plastic baskets to organize kids toys. This idea is borderline genius. Just grab a shower curtain rod, some shower hooks and brightly colored baskets.

Organize a small bathroom - kid bathtub toy organization

Source image: The Inspired Home

Clutter-free Small Bathrooms

One of the keys to keeping a small bathroom organized is to have a designated place for everything. Take some time to evaluate your space. Ask yourself what could move to another room and what has to stay. Then, use some of these ideas or get creative and make a place for everything that lives in your small bathroom.

Have any tips for keeping a small bathroom organized? Let us know in the comments below.

Looking for ways to organize a small bathroom? Check out these nine simple tips for decluttering and organizing your small space. #bathroom#smallspace #organize #organizing #small #diy #budget #frugal #declutter #simple #bins #shelves #bath #shower

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