How To Spend Time Doing the Things You Love

Spending our time in this one precious life we have in pursuits that feed our soul is more important now than ever. As women we’ve put the needs and desires of others ahead of our own too often. And so, if we aren’t asking ourselves, “how do I make the most of my one and only life?” then what the hell are we even doing? It’s time to figure out how to start doing the things you love on a regular basis. The world needs you to show up as your true, happy, and authentic self.

Life can hit you with some crazy curveballs, you never know what’s coming next. That’s why it’s up to us to make sure we’re living with a real purpose behind it all. And what better purpose could there be than chasing happiness? The way I see it, the more we make time for the stuff we genuinely love doing, the more room we give happiness and love to grow inside us, which resonates out into the world.

Fill your days hanging with the people who actually matter to you, spend that free time on your favorite hobbies and passions, and most importantly, be intentional about making space for the things and people you adore.

You’re probably thinking “How can I actually make more time for the fun stuff I love?” It’s kind of like asking how to really make the most of this life, right? Here are some ways to start carving out more space for your favorite hobbies and passions starting today:

Find Your Passion: What Makes You Light Up?

First, you have to get real with yourself about what actually sparks joy for you. Figure out your true passions and commit to actively chasing those babies every single day if you can. If that’s too much too soon, no sweat. Just make sure your passions are a real priority in your life. Can’t do the daily thing yet? Start smaller by scheduling in your favorite hobbies at least once a week.

I’m a firm believer that the more we immerse ourselves in the stuff that genuinely lights us up inside, the happier we’ll be overall. We all want that happiness, right? So why not treat yourself and dedicate solid time to pursuing your greatest passions and enthusiasms?

Not sure what your true passions are? Martha Beck’s Finding Your Own North Star is a must-read for this kind of work. Seriously, a game changing book!

Boundaries Are Good!

Do not be scared to set some firm boundaries in your life. Seriously, when you don’t have firm boundaries and limits, everyone else’s needs and desires will come before your own. You’ll be more vulnerable to allowing negative people and energies to suck up your time and it will be easier to let stress seep into every moment. Basically, no boundaries means that we have zero control over big parts of our lives.

However, setting boundaries doesn’t mean you have to put up walls. It just means creating some key no-go limits in the areas that really need them. Personally, I think places that need boundaries are anything that can get in the way of you chasing your passions and hobbies. That might mean boundaries with your job, certain friends, even family members. Protect the time for the stuff you truly love, you know?

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Be In the Moment

There is absolutely no point in blocking off time for your passions if you’re just gonna be zoned out the whole time with one eye on your phone while half-listening to a conversation. Being fully present and in the moment is key – otherwise you’re just going through the motions.

Our fast-paced society has trained us to rush from one thing to the next without really soaking anything in, big or small. So learning to actually be present can definitely take some practice at firs. But, the more you make an effort, the more natural it will become to just immerse yourself in those moments, especially the ones revolving around your greatest hobbies and interests.

When you’re chasing your true passions, it’s so important to be locked in and engaged in your chosen task for a little while. If you have a zillion things going on it’s a good idea to start small. Tell yourself you are going to commit to concentrating on one single thing for five minutes straight. So for example, if you are watching a lecture only watch the lecture- don’t scroll your phone while you watch the lecture (at least for the five minutes that you’ve promised yourself you will be present in the moment). Do you feel me?

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Time is a Construct

Alright, here’s the real talk – none of this passion-pursuing, joy-finding stuff is gonna happen if you don’t actually make the time for it. I get it, life gets crazy busy and unpredictable. It’s easy to let your priorities get all out of whack. But don’t let that be an excuse. Your wellness and happiness deserve just as much attention as your job providing for your family.

Honestly, making space for the stuff that lights you up is even more crucial, because how can you fully appreciate the grind if you’re just constantly burnt out? Instead of devoting all your time to energy-sucking obligations, start intentionally scheduling in activities that actually fuel your motivation and inspiration. Make chasing your passions a real priority, not an afterthought. Do your self preservation work first. If you don’t, no one will do it for you.

Surround yourself with like-minded people

You know what’s really kept me on track with chasing my passions? Surrounding myself with people who actually get it. I’m talking about those folks who make time for their own hobbies and interests, set healthy boundaries, and encourage you to do the same. Sometimes you might even discover these kindred spirits happen to share your exact same enthusiasms and pastimes. Having that crew who’s on the same wavelength and inspired by the same joys? That vibe is wildly contagious in the best way possible. Being around like-minded people cultivates this infectious happiness that’s hard to put into words. More than that, it provides so much vital motivation and inspiration to keep prioritizing quality time for the activities and interests that truly light you up inside. Find your tribe that champions your passions – it’s a game-changer.

Are You Doing the Things You Love?

Lately I’ve been really taking a step back and reflecting on the areas of my life where I’m just not feeling it, you know? That self-reflection led me to make some big lifestyle changes – cutting certain people out, while actively welcoming more like-minded folks into my circle. And it’s been awesome finding this tribe that shares a lot of the same driving passions as me. Life’s too short not to vibe with your people and pursue what sets your soul on fire.

I’ve also noticed that being in a better headspace has given me way more confidence and courage to start actually chasing some lifelong dreams. I really think that forward momentum comes from prioritizing my enthusiasms over life’s demands.

Just remember – your happiness is a priority too. Filling your days with stuff you genuinely enjoy is key to being a more fulfilled person overall. It doesn’t have to be a daily grind, but shooting for a weekly commitment to your passions? That’s a game-changer, I promise. Carve out that quality time for the activities and interests that set your soul on fire. The positive vibes will be unreal.

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