Best Home Office Shelving Ideas to Organize Your Office Space

organize home office with shelves

Figuring out how to be more organized is always an ongoing effort, especially when you work from home. The clutter that creeps in your house can easily make its way into your home office.  Most people find that organized spaces help them be more productive and less stressed.

Here are some great home office shelving ideas to help you organize your workplace and save your sanity.

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Get Organized

I love great organizing tips as much as the next gal, but they aren’t useful if you don’t have the right space and shelving to keep your office clutter free. I’m a firm believer in organized living and I’ve found that the best way to accomplish that is with the right shelves. I don’t have a fancy desk or tons of storage space. I just use shelving and various office organizers to keep everything in the right place.

Home office shelving doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to take up a lot of space. How you organize your home office is going to depend on the amount of space you have. I’ve broken these home office ideas into categories based on space and size.

Pretty and Functional Home Office Shelving

If you want your office to be functional but still look good, consider a stylized yet useful piece of furniture. The vintage look of this Songmics ladder shelf lends itself to any room. Whether you want a rustic or a glamorous look in your office space, this smooth-lined ladder shelf is a good option.

Home Office Shelving for an organized home. SONGMICS Vintage Ladder Shelf, 4-Tier Bookcase, Plant Stand Storage Garden, Bathroom, Living Room, Wood Look Accent Furniture Metal Frame #affiliatelink

This particular shelf is built to last. It has a sturdy matte black metal frame that is reinforced by a crossbar on the back. Each leg is capped to ensure that the shelf stands evenly and stays sturdy. It also comes with comes with anti-toppling fittings so you can anchor it to the wall (a must if you have kids or pets). The shelves themselves are sturdy wooden chipboard and are stained a medium brown color. There is plenty of room to fit large three-ring binders, books and decorative items.

Another stylish option is a library shelf. This sturdy unit by Sauder has open spaces on the top and hidden storage behind two doors on the lower half. I really like this type of home office furniture because the open space on top is great for decorative items and provides easy access to books and binders that are used on a daily basis. The covered storage underneath is nice because you can hide things that you don’t use that often. It also covers unsightly items that may be necessary for your business but have seen better days.

Home Office shelving. Sauder 417593 Cottage Road Library with Doors, Soft White Finish #affiliate

If you need something smaller but still want your office furniture to look great, try this shorter 3-Tier Industrial Bookcase from Homissue.  This piece of furniture doubles as a unique focal point while also usefully housing important books and papers in your office. It’s made with durable wood-grain MDF and sturdy iron framing. Each shelf can hold up to seventy pounds so it’s great for heavy binders and journals. I like this three shelf model but it also comes in a taller, five shelf version. Create a vintage industrial look in your home office space.

Cubed Organizers

Here are some great organizers to help you clear the clutter in your office.

These Closet Maid  Cubeicals organizers are great for storing both decorative office items as well as binders and papers you’d rather hide. They have twelve equal-sized cubes. You can use square organizer baskets to fill every cube or mix it up like the picture below. My favorite thing about these cube organizers is that you can customize them to fit your space and the decor in your room. These shelves can lay horizontal like below, or place them vertically to take up less floor space.

cubed office organizer shelves

I love these cube office shelves because they help declutter my surroundings. The boxes hide unsightly home office supplies while helping me organize my things. They are also nice because it’s an inexpensive way to make a home office pretty. The boxes come in different colors and patterns. Also, if you’re really into DIY projects, you can easily recover them yourself with pretty paper or fabric.

Simple Home Office Shelving

When you want to clear the clutter out of your home office but want something more functional than pretty, try some of these simple shelving options.

Wire shelving is a cheap and easy option for organizing your home office. These are usually designed for kitchen or garage storage. With a few simple tweaks however, they are great solutions for organizing your office.

These types of shelves come in short and tall versions. They also come in different colors, like black or chrome. A tip to make them more useful for your home office, is to put something on the shelf to cover the wire racks. You can buy clear plastic liners to place on the shelves. You could also get crafty and use placemats or cardboard with decorative contact paper over it.

Organized Spaces

When you have an office in your home it can be hard to find enough space. You may work in a corner of the living room, or you might make a spare bedroom double as office space. The trick is to making it both functional and a space you’ll enjoy spending a lot of time in, is to organize your workplace with functional shelves.  So, before you go out and buy a ton of new home office furniture, consider these simple shelving ideas first.


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