Best Gifts for the Super Busy Mom : Every Stressed Out Mom Needs a Great Gift

The best gift giving guide for the busy mom in your life. Stressed out moms need gifts they need and can aprreciate. Click through to see the top gifts for busy moms.

We all know a mom who is “doing it all.” She’s working, raising kids, keeping the home together, and being a general bad-ass. What do you get for the modern day Wonder Woman? Here’s a round up of great gifts for a busy mom.

Let’s give her a gift she needs and will appreciate!

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Gifts for the Super Busy Mom

Violet Keurig Coffee Maker

Okay, so this Keurig has all the bells and whistles of a digital coffee maker but the best part? Um… it’s purple! If violet is not your busy mom’s favorite color, it comes in other shades too!

Purple Violet Keurig Coffee Maker. Best gifts for busy moms.

“I Am Very Busy” Notebook

Every busy mom needs a notebook to keep track of appointments. She might as well have a sense of humor about it.

Gifts for Stressed Busy Mom. I Am Very Busy Notebook.

Jamba Juice Smoothie Blender

Busy moms struggle with eating right and getting in all daily fruit and veggies. This Jamba Juice blender is a perfect way to eat nutritiously while on the go.

Jamba Juice smoothie maker. Gifts for busy moms

Don’t Forget Stickers

These “Don’t Forget” stickers are great little stocking stuffers.

Gifts for busy moms. Don't Forget planner stickers.

The Ultimate Charging Station

This charging station charges a busy mom’s tablet, her kid’s tablet, phones, and watches. All out of one outlet!

Charging station. Busy Mom gifts.

Robot Vacuum

Most busy moms dream of clean floors. This Roomba robot vacuum is a gift any mom would love.

best gits for busy moms. Roomba vacuum

Pursefection Expandable Purse Organizer

Busy moms have to carry a lot of stuff with them. Make it easier with this cute purse organizer.

Purse organizer. Gifts for busy moms

Kate Spade Laptop Bag

This handheld computer bag has an adjustable cross-body strap and an interior padded laptop pocket. This bag is functional and stylish, perfect for every busy working mama.

Kate Spade laptop bag. Gifts for busy moms.

Aromatherapy Diffuser

Stressed-out moms need some relaxation. This aromatherapy diffuser helps her relax while also doubling as a color changing light.

Aromatherapy diffuser. Gifts for busy moms.

Fitbit Charge 2

This updated Fitbit Charge 2 tracks fitness and heart rate but it also lets busy moms check emails, texts and calendar events. Plus it comes in a ton of different colors.

Fitbit Charge 2. Gifts for Busy Moms.

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22 thoughts on “Best Gifts for the Super Busy Mom : Every Stressed Out Mom Needs a Great Gift

  1. Purple actually IS my favorite color and I have that exact Fitbit in that color and love it! These are great suggestions…I would love the purple keurig if I had the counter space for it!

  2. This is an awesome list! One thing I would love to have to is one of those ‘spa day’ baskets- this way you have to make time to use it, because you can’t just not use a gift right? So its the perfect excuse to get some me time in!

  3. So many great ideas! I can vouch for the Rumba! Love mine and if you have pets it cleans up the pet fur perfectly! It’s so nice coming home to a freshly swept floor ?

  4. Yes please! I think I want everything on this list! The robot vacuum would be heaven. I hate vacuuming!

  5. My favorites are the Fitbit 2 (I didnt know you could check emails with it! Sweet!) and the Happy Planner stickers. I am a planner addict and LOVE MAMBI stickers!

  6. Great ideas! I’ve always wanted to buy a roomba. I just LOVE the charging station, we need one of those in our house for sure!!

  7. I love that charging station. I really can’t stand to see wires everywhere, this would be great. Oh, and those stickers are so cute!! What a great list! thanks for putting this together

  8. I love having a fitbit! Helps reminds me that I did do a lot in a day. :)

  9. Love my roomba! But would like to have the charging station too!

  10. Oh my goodness, the Keurig and that vacuum! Never thought I could be so excited about a vacuum hehe!

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