Get Outside! : Increase Your Happiness By Getting Some Fresh Air


The benefits of fresh air are profound. Also, a little sun helps us with vitamin D productions- something women need for strong bones. Read more by clicking through.
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A few months ago I went for my annual check-up. My blood work came back showing a vitamin D deficiency. My doctor advised to me to get some sun!

This was a little shocking and kinda hard because in my later years I’ve become really sun adverse. I actually do spend a good amount of time outdoors but I’m always slathered with sunscreen, wearing a big hat, and sometimes wear long sleeves.

I did not avoid the sun as a young person and my skin paid the price. My motivation for avoiding the sun is strictly superficial LOL. Sure, I don’t want skin cancer but my real motivation is to avoid more wrinkles! Hey- just being honest here.

Needless to say, soaking up some sun-rays didn’t sound like something I wanted to do.

Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D is essential for women because it helps the body use calcium for stronger bones. Those with a low Vitamin D count can experience bone paid and muscle weakness, although these may be subtle. A low vitamin D count can also pose other health risks.

Getting Outside

Now, I’m not suggesting you go and sunbathe for an hour. You can get vitamin D from supplements and changes in your diet. Still wear a hat, use sunscreen, or do whatever it is you do to protect your skin from the sun.

What I am saying is go outside, get a little sun, and breathe in some fresh air.

Pink Flowers

Benefits of Fresh Air

If you can, step outside once an hour for a little pick-me-up. Close your eyes and breath deep. Outside air just feels different from inside air.

Getting fresh air can make you feel happier. The amount of serotonin you produce is affected by the amount of oxygen you inhale. Serotonin can significantly promote a sense of happiness and well-being and lighten your mood.

Take a walk around the block at lunchtime. Walk the dog after work. Go out and water the plants, weed the flower bed, sit on the porch- find any excuse to get outside.

Staring at a screen all day changes our brainwaves. Fresh air helps you to think better. It also increases your energy level.

Our brains need twenty percent of the oxygen we breathe. More oxygen equals more clarity, concentration, and energy.

What’s Next

Today’s challenge is a little different in that there is no specific instructions. Just be conscious about how much outside time you get a day. Maybe try driving with the windows open, walk or bike while running errands or going to work, try gardening.

Make a daily habit of going outside as much as possible. Just a quick step outside and a big breath of fresh air can improve your mood immensely.

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