Cute Organization Ideas For Your Home Office

Cute Organiziation Ideas for Your Home Office

Get your work space clutter free with these cute organization ideas for your home office.

No one likes to work in a cluttered mess. If your office is a dump, it’s hard to stay motivated and be productive.

An unorganized office makes your productivity suffer. Make your home office a place you enjoy by trying some of these cute organizing ideas.

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Organize Paper Clutter

Personally, I suffer from creating piles of paperwork. I like to make stacks of things to do later and before I know it, the stacks have grown and multiplied. Can you relate?

To counter the massive paper inflow I’ve moved some of my files to my desktop so that I can organize the papers right when I get them. Also, they are on my desk so I see them and avoid forgetting about important tasks.

Unfortunately, a lot of desk filing systems are frankly really ugly. Luckily there are some cute organization ideas you can use to make your desk file organizer look pretty on your desk.

Cute organization ideas for your home office. Desk file organizer upright

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Keep your desk file organizer looking cute by using color! Decide on a color scheme and make sure that all of the folders you use to store your papers work within that color palette. You can do a rainbow theme, work with two different colors, or choose one color and use different patterns.

colorful file folders. cute organization tips for your home office

Color Code Your Home Office

While we are on the subject of color, try organizing your entire office on a color scheme.

Consider color coordinating your books and binders to create a customized mood in your office. If your books don’t cooperate (mine certainly don’t) you could cover the spines with colorful contact paper or washi tape.

Source: A Bowl Full of Lemons

A Bowl Full of Lemons did this beautifully in her home office. I love how it give the room a sense of whimsy will also being cute and organized.

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Make Space Work For You

Another cute organizing tip to make a home office pretty and clutter-free is to take the doors off of a closet and use the space as a functional work zone. This cute organization idea is pleasing to the eye and functional. Everything has a place and looks neat and tidy.

Source: Beautiful Protest

Blogger Beautiful Protest did an excellent job of straightening up her work closet with this cute organization hack.

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Cute Office Supplies

These acrylic tape dispensers and staplers from Erin Condren are sure to please anyone looking for cute organization supplies. Fill the stapler with clear tape or get creative and load it with decorative tape like in the picture.

cute organization hacks for your home office. Acrylic Stapler and Tape dispenser

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Try an L Desk

Consider using a L-shaped desk. It gives you twice the work space while not taking up a ton of extra space. You don’t have to buy a ready-made L-shaped desk. Instead, put two together at an angle, you could even use desks with mismatched heights and nestle one under the other.

Cute organization hacks for your home office
Source: Pink Little Notebook

Pink Little Notebook shows us a beautiful way to do this. What a cute organization idea!

Move Your Office Furniture

Your desk doesn’t have to live against a wall. Move it to the center of the room and use it as a focal point. It will free up wall space for more shelving.

cute organization hacks for your home office
Source: The 36th Avenue

The 36th Avenue moved her desk to the center of the room and it looks fabulous! Consider using a fluffy area rug underneath the desk to hide cords and cables.

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Cute Desk Organizer

Some people like a clean, clutter-free desk while others like their work right in front of them. If you’re part of the latter group, you would like this cute desk organizer.

It’s great because you can move the shelves around to fit your needs. It also comes in natural wood finish, white, and pink so it’s perfect for any home office decor.

Cute Organizing Ideas on a Budget

Here’s a great organizing tip for those on a budget. I Heart Organizing uses cereal boxes to create drawer separators in all of her household drawers. Never go searching for a pen or rubber band again!

cute organization tips. cereal box drawer dividers
Source: I Heart Organizing

You can cover the cardboard with pretty contact paper and use washi tape on the edges of the box.

Using items from around the house is an excellent way to spruce up your home office. There are tons of cute organizing ideas on Pinterest to help you be more productive in an environment you enjoy.

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  5. Oh I love these ideas! I’m actually starting a new job with a new office in January, and totally gonna use all these tips and tricks for inspo for decorating it!

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