Bullet Journal with Erin Condren Hardbound Notebooks

Erin Condren Hardbound Notebook bullet journal

Bullet journals are a big deal right now. They are excellent creative outlets, help you stay organized, and are a great way to achieve goals.

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Bullet Journal with Hardbound Notebooks

That’s why I’m super excited for the new Erin Condren hardbound notebooks!

These little notebooks are PERFECT for bullet journals. They are a great size, have plenty of thick pages, and come in a ton of colors.

Erin Condren Hardbound Notebook for Bullet Journal

I recently bought this black hardbound notebook.

The size is absolutely perfect! It’s an ideal size to slip into my purse. I love that I can take it with me everywhere. Plus it feels really sturdy and durable.

You can customize everything that you get from Erin Condren. I chose to put my initials on this one.

The hardbound backing has a wonderful texture. It feels almost like microsuade. It’s smooth but has a “grip.” The Erin Condren website calls it a “satin” finish.  Whatever it is, it feels amazing.

You can choose if you want your initials or name embossed in platinum, rose gold or gold foil. I chose to go with gold foil because it matches the gold flower pattern.

Bullet Journal Bandwagon

Although I’m a planner junkie, I’ve been slow to jump on the bullet journal bandwagon. Mainly because I don’t have very good handwriting and I don’t have time to learn how to hand letter. I decided that dotted pages might help me keep my lines straight.

Erin Condren Hardbound Notebook Bullet Journal

The Erin Condren hardbound notebooks come with lined pages or dotted pages. I chose dotted pages because they help me keep my lines straight and my handwriting pretty!

I decided to use this journal to create a bullet journal. I’m using it to track my powerlifting journey.

The first page tracks all of my cycles. These are sets of five weeks, four weeks of heavy lifting and one week or deload, or break.  I’ll mark off a square for each cycle I complete.

Erin Condren hardbound notebook Bullet Journal

The next page tracks my powerlifting goals. I’ve written my current goals. Once I reach each goal I’ll mark it out and write down a new one.

Full disclosure, I asked my husband (who is an artist) to draw the headings on these pages. #sorrynotsorry 😂

I will write the weights that I hit each day under the “PowerLifting” heading on the right page. Those entries will take up the most of the journal and probably fill up most of the book.

Erin Condren hardbound notebook Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal Markers

I used my Erin Condren dual tip markers for most of the line work. I love these because they have a thick side and a thin side. The thin side is great for precision lines.

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Erin Condren dual tip marker for bullet journal

I have two sets of these markers. One is a pastel set that came in a really nice clear acrylic case. The other is a set of three jewel toned markers. These came in the Erin Condren Fall Surprise Box.

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The page edges are embossed in gold, to match the flower pattern printed on the front. There is also a coordinating satin placeholder ribbon bookmark to mark a page in your bullet journal.

The back of the notebook is plain, with the Erin Condren logo embossed at the bottom.


Erin Condren hardbound notebook bullet journal

Setting up this bullet journal was so much fun. I’m hooked! I’ve already ordered three more notebooks to make some more bullet journals.

I’ve got a few ideas about what I want to put in my next bullet journal. I definitely want to start tracking books I’ve read or want to read. I also want to get better at keeping a gratitude journal. I’ll keep you posted on those.

Do you bullet journal? What kind of things do you keep track of in your journal? Do you think you would use of of these Erin Condren hardbound notebooks as a bullet journal?

Let me know in the comments below.

How to start a bullet Journal with the Erin Condren hardbound notebook. These great dot line books are the perfect size for bullet journaling! #bulletjournal #bullet #journal #erincondren #planner #markers #organize

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