The Simple Planning Tool You Need to Try

This simple planning tool will help you. Blank planner page

It’s getting to be that CRAZY time of year!

I’ve been busy with teaching, writing, podcasting, and momming. I’m ready for a break, how about you?

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Unfortunately the world won’t stop just because I’m tired. (Wouldn’t that be nice right? Like a pause button or something. )

With everything going on however I couldn’t resist creating a simple printable to help me stay organized.

And I’m happy to share this simple little planning tool with you too. When I say simple, I mean simply – because it is.

It’s a blank daily planner page.

Yup, so simple it’s genius. (haha I know, full of myself right?) But sometimes simple is perfect.

Create Your Own Blank Planner Page

Microsoft Word has a lot of planner templates you could use. Just open a new Word doc and go to templates. Type in “planner” or “calendar” and choose which one you want. Here is an image of some examples you could customize.

planner templates

I like to print out a few of these at the beginning of the week. Then I clip them together with a cute clip like this and grab a blank sheet whenever I need one.

What will you use your blank planner page for?

I hope you find an amazing use for your blank planner page!

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Try this simple planning tool, a blank planner page, to help you get organized. #planner #planners #organize #school #printable

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