15 Habits that Will Change Your Life

15 habits to change your life

Try these easy little habits that can make a tremendous difference in your life.

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The Five Minute Rule

If something is going to take less than five minutes to do, just do it. Some tasks may take 30 seconds and some might take all five. Whatever it is, if it won’t take more than five minutes do it right at that moment.

Make Your Bed

Nothing feels better than walking into a bedroom with a made bed. Making your bed starts your day off right. Plus, you’ll accomplish one positive thing before you’ve even brushed your teeth!

Do the Dishes Every Night Before Bed

Stop waiting for a full load, which then turns into a sink full of dishes. Just put whatever you have into the dishwasher and let it run. You’ll be amazed how how quickly you’ll get through your dishes when you don’t have three days of caked on food to rinse off before you wash them.

Start a Gratitude Journal

Build up your positivity love tank by taking stock of all the good things in your life. That way when things aren’t going as planned, you’ll have a full tank to draw from. This post explains how to make a gratitude journal.

Learn to Say No

Stop doing things you don’t want to do. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, feel free to say no to things you don’t want to squeeze into your day.

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Use Time Blocking

Time blocking allows you the flexibility to deal with unexpected issues while also giving you the opportunity to be successful. Schedule out a few small tasks for each hour or block out big chunks of time for larger projects.


There’s no rule that says you have to be on social media. Tune out for a few days or weeks, clear your head, and take a rest. You might find that you don’t miss the noise all that much.


Stretching your muscles helps with pain and can also help increase energy. Take a little stretch break each hour, even if its just turning your neck from side to side.

Drink Water First thing in the Morning

Before you do anything else, chug some water. You’ve gotten dehydrated throughout the night. Starting your day fully hydrated will make you feel better, make your skin look better, and start your day off right.

Develop an Environmentally Friendly Habit Each Month

Each month decide to do something to lesson your carbon footprint. Start using washable stainless steel straws, take your own bags to the grocery store, decide to bike to work one day a week. Not only will these things make you feel better, they will also help your fellow humans.

Do a Ten Minute Clean Everyday

Just ten minutes and clean as fast as you can. You could do a quick scrub of the oven, or do a dash through the house cleaning off counters. Whatever it is, do it FAST.

Clean and moisturize your Face

Do a proper clean of your face everyday, not just a wipe with a makeup cloth. Afterwards, use the highest quality moisturizer you can get. Massage your moisturizer into your skin to increase circulation and give yourself a healthy goal.


Start small, maybe with just a drawer or shelf, and get rid of everything you no longer need or use in that one area. As you get better at decluttering you can start to tackle larger rooms and eventually your whole house.


Clean gums and teeth just make you feel good!

Go to Bed and Wake Up at the Same Time Everyday

You body will thank you and you’ll end up getting way more done everyday.

Take the Stairs

Getting just a small amount of exercise everyday is a great way to clear your mind and tone your body. Even if you already go to the gym, trying taking a brisk ten minute walk during the day.

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