15 Cute Organizing Tips

Ready to get organized while also staying totally cute? I’ve collected all of the creative, yet super cute organizing hacks. Let’s update our living space, declutter, and repurpose some old items. These fifteen cute and tidy organization hacks will leave you wondering why you never thought of that before.

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  1. Spruce up Recycled Glass Jars

This is a great way to reuse old pickle and pasta sauce glass jars. Or, kick it up a notch and use real mason jars. Just paint the lids and add cute knobs to the top.

Photo Courtesy DecoArt Blog

2. Pretty Storage

This is a beautiful way to store wrapping paper rolls. You could also store mops and brooms in something like this too. Just find a pretty laundry hamper to upgrade your storage solutions.

Photo Credit: Torie Jayne

3. Decorative Hooks for Hanging the Ironing Board

Perhaps this would make me want to iron?

Photo Credit: A Diamond in the Stuff

4. Use a Cute Magazine Holder to Store Hair Tools

This one is cardboard but you can also find metal magazine holders. This way you don’t need to worry about putting a hot tool back in storage.

Photo Credit: Kathleen Kamphausen

5. Turn Coffee Containers into Cute Kitchen Canisters

How totally cute is this idea? Save all of the coffee canisters from work and make yourself a new set of canisters.

Photo Credit: Kelli’s Kitchen

6. Keep Reading Materials on a Movable Cart

If you are anything like me, you’ve got books and magazines spread out all over the place. Put them on a handy movable cart. It will decrease the clutter and look super cute in the process.

Photo Credit: The Freelancer’s Fashion Blog

7. Turn an Old Suitcase into an Organization Station

You could use this updated suitcase for almost anything! Store stationary, planning supplies, crafts, or even makeup inside. The sky is the limit.

Photo Credit: Katie Enzenberger

8. Use Olive Oil Glass Jars to Store Mouthwash

How pretty is this? You’l want to keep your mouthwash on the counter when you use this cute hack.

Photo Credit: JulepStyle

9. Keep the Grime out of your Car Seats

If you have kids you know how nasty your back seat can get. Ever tried to clean a smushed PopTart out of fabric seats? Been there, done that. Never again.

Photo Credit: Pieces by Polly

10. Use a Straw Holder to Keep Makeup Brushes Organized

This is one of the cutest ideas ever. Try painting a standard straw holder with spray paint. The one below from Twinspiration is sprayed rose gold.

Photo Credit: Twinspiration

11. Update Tin Cans for Stylish Storage

A little soap and paint can make some stylish organizing compartments.

Photo Credit: Mountain Modern Life

12. Old Candle Jars into Chic Organizers

Photo Credit: From Evija with Love

Store anything from Q-tips to cotton balls in these cute organizers.

13. An Old Sweater and a Box

Use an old sweater and a used cardboard box to create this super cute storage box.

Photo Credit: Thrifty & Chic

14. DIY Marker Organization

This is a great way to recycle paper towel and toilet paper rolls. You could also use an old Amazon box and cover it with fabric or contact paper.

Photo Credit: Bottle Branch

15. Hidden Storage Using Old Books

This is a great way to upcycle old hardback books and make a safe place for household valuable.

Photo Credit: Sewing Barefoot
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