How My Blog Grew From 94 to 20,000 Pageviews in 3 Months

Here are all of the techniques I used to grow my blog in it's first three months. I list all of the tools and techniques I used to grow my pageviews. Click through to read.

If you’re a blogger or content creator you know how important, and how HARD, it is to get pageviews on your site. I have to be upfront, I’ve been busting my butt to get my pageviews up! Since this is a new blog and I’m still working out the kinks involved with all the plugins, traffic sources, marketing and just getting eyeballs on my page, I’ve probably put in more hours than I usually would to grow this blog. I just don’t want to give any illusions that this was passive or easy. It took some MAJOR work but so far the numbers have paid off.

I’ve gotta admit that it’s a total ego boost to see these increased numbers. #noshame! The major win however is the increased ad and affiliate revenue that comes with higher pageviews. I am NOWHERE near the big numbers that other more prominent bloggers have, but my revenue has gone from making cents to dollars. I’ll take it! πŸ™‚

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A Rundown of the Numbers

I had 94 views for the month of May. This was my launch month but I started towards the end of the month and did not have much content.Β  July was my first full month of blogging and I had 892 pageviews. July’s numbers exploded and jumped to 6,824 views. By August 25th I had 26,5770 total pageviews on my blog. The pageviews for the month of August alone were 18,960.

Ways I Increased Pageviews

I put in the hours. I thoroughly believe that blogging is an excellent way to make a good income. It’s a slow build however. I put in anywhere between 20-80 hours a week on my blog during the past three months. That probably worked out to me making about half a cent per hour! LOL. Blogging is a long, slow road and I don’t expect to make any real money from my blog for at least a year. You can see my blogging income reports here. I’m trying lay a solid foundation now so that things will run more efficiently in the future.

I wrote A LOT! In addition to doing all the behind-the-scenes work I also wrote a ton of blog posts. I don’t plan on keeping this up for too much longer. I would like to start posting really long, in-depth posts about once a week. In the beginning however, I felt like I needed a good base of core blog posts so visitors would actually have something to read! I’m amazed and how much easier writing blog content has become the more I write. I like to think of it as like training for a marathon. You have to start slow and steady and build stamina. You can’t just start out at the beginning expecting to run 26 miles.

Pimped the shizz out of Pinterest. Seriously Pinterest brought over half of the traffic to my site. In the long-term, I don’t want so much of my traffic to come from one avenue. For now though, I’ll take it however I can get it.

  • I started using Board Booster around July 10th and immediately saw an enormous increase in traffic. I was using Board Booster’s free trial. When that ran out I paid the $5 to start upping the amount of pins shared on my boards.
  • Throughout July and August I had three pins go semi-viral. These three pins accounted for 90% of the traffic that came from Pinterest. They are starting to slow down now but for a few weeks there the traffic bump was insane!
  • I enabled rich pins on my site. This allows Pinterest to pull info from my site onto each pin- making them look more professional and officially tying them to my blog. Here is the Pinterest tutorial for adding rich pins to your site.

Created Really Long Pins. The majority of pins that receive any kind of traction on my boards I created in PicMonkey. The pins I create with PicMonkey are much longer than pins I create in Canva. I have much more control over what these pins look like. I created all three of my viral pins in PicMonkey.

  • PicMonkey is free for a basic plan or you can pay $4.99 per month for a ton of additional features.
  • I make my long pins 735 x 1200 or longer.

PicMonkey Photo editing made of win

5. Joined pertinent Facebook groups. I’ll be honest. I resisted making a Facebook page for my blog until just recently. I have a love/hate, mostly hate, relationship with Facebook. Really I just don’t want to see people I love making ridiculous proclamations about their “political” affiliations. Needless to say I hadn’t been using Facebook very much at all. I finally caved and made a Facebook page for my blog and am actually kicking myself for not doing it sooner. What has been the most beneficial however are Facebook groups. These are great places to connect with other bloggers. I belong to a couple of pinning groups where we share each others content. A few I like: The Blog Tribe, Pinning Ain’t Easy, Blog to Biz Hive.

Used apps like Flipboard and StumbleUpon. I had no idea what Flipboard was until I noticed a large amount of traffic coming to my site from it. The app is a lot like StumbleUpon but with more big name news organizations. I started sharing my content on both Flipboard and StumbleUpon and see about 100 pageviews a day from them. I notice that the bounce rate from Flipboard is lower than that from StumbleUpon.

Started a Challenge. On August 1st I started the Happy in 31 Challenge, which is a month-long challenge to help women increase their happiness. The challenge started the month off strong and I gained a good amount of email subscribers. As the month as progressed, interest in the challenge has fallen off. I think doing a challenge has been great for pageviews and subscribers but I don’t think I’ll be doing any more month-long challenges. I’ll stick to 7 day ones.

Grew my email list. I’ve focused on building my email list from day one and I’m pleased with how it’s growing. As of writing this I have 354 subscribers. I created a few opt-in freebies and started using Magic Action box for a free opt-in box. I use the free version of MailChimp as my email service provider. I send a weekly update on Thursdays and always see a bump in pageviews after the email goes out.

SEO. This simply stands for search engine optimization (SEO). All it means is that I choose a keyword to focus on for each blog post. I also use the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress. It shows me when my keyword is used to the optimal advantage. I’ve optimized all of my blog posts for SEO and am seeing about 5-10 pageviews coming directly from search engines each day. This is a very slow process because it can take months or even years for blog posts to rank on search engines like google. So for now I’m happy with this number because honestly I didn’t expect to see any traffic from search engines for at least six months.

Future Plans

As I stated earlier, I want to diversify my pageview sources. My next goal is to really pump up my Facebook page and start posting quality content there. (Help a girl out and give that Facebook page a like!)

I also just signed up with CoPromote. It’s an app that allows your content to be shared by other content creators.

I hope that you found some helpful information here. I’m all about being transparent with the internal workings of this blog. I know I would have NEVER started a blog like this had I not read other bloggers income and traffic reports. It’s such a great way to lean and share information.

Is there anything you are doing for increased pageviews that seems to work really well? I’d love it if you shared with us.

Cheers! Elizabeth

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      Thanks for taking the time to comment. This is my first “professional” blog, meaning that I’m actually researching the best ways to run a blog and implementing those tactics. I did have a personal blog a few years ago but I just posted whatever I felt like and never really promoted it or anything. So I guess my answer is yes and no. haha

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