Blog Income Report July 2016

Income Report for July 2016Ready to start your own money making blog? Check out my post here offering a step-by-step tutorial for getting your blog started in about 10 minutes. I highly recommend using Bluehost for your self-hosted blog. (Self-hosting is the best way to monetize.) You can host your blog for as little as $3.95 per month and if you click through my affiliate link you will receive a FREE domain name. My blog is hosted with Bluehost– I always use what I recommend.

Hi! Welcome to my second blogging income report. It covers the month of July 2016.

My first income report June 2016 can be found here.

I love reading other blogger’s income reports. I even wrote a post about it here.

I find them so inspiring and helpful. First, they show me what is really achievable with blogging. Second, they can highlight income streams and traffic sources that I may have never thought of.

The reasons I want to post my blog income reports:

  1. I want to have a record of my progress.
  2. To keep myself accountable.
  3. To give full disclosure to my readers.
  4. Perhaps I will inspire someone else, as I’ve been inspired by other bloggers.

As you will see below, this is in no way bragging. LOL. It’s solely for tracking, inspiration, and accountability.

Income Report:

Google Adsense: $2.29 (blog)

Google Adsense: $11.44 (two YouTube channels here and here)

Amazon Affiliates: $14.01

Signed up for Share-A-Sale affiliate program at end of month: $0.00

Gross Income: $27.74


BoardBooster: $5

Grum for Instagram (had a coupon): $25.00

Total Expenses: $30.00

Net Income: -$7.26


Social Media:

Pinterest: 542 -up 242

Instagram: 402 -up 175

Twitter: 647 -up 290

YouTube: 4 -up 2

I really increased my use of BoardBooster on July 10th and saw a huge surge in traffic after a few days. I went from averaging about 30 pageviews a day to about 300 a day. That lasted for about two weeks and then something super horrible happened. Pinterest tagged my blog as spam and stopped sending all traffic there for two days. When I contacted them they said it was a mistake on their end and reinstated my blog immediately. It totally sucks though because I still have no idea how or why it happened. They said they had a glitch but it still freaks me out. It also showed me the folly of relying solely on Pinterest for traffic. After they reinstated my blog my traffic rose slowly for a week and then took off again toward the end of the month.

I also got some traffic from StumbleUpon and Flipboard. I don’t really know how or why certain articles get shared on these platforms and others don’t. I do notice however a surge in traffic from these sites at random times, which tells me that is when my blog post has been shared.

I’m happy with my social media account growth but honestly I don’t get why I’m spending time building these platforms. I really like engaging with readers and other bloggers on them but neither Twitter nor Instagram send me more than 3 or 4 page views a day from either one. If you get blog traffic from either of these sites, what’s your secret?

Traffic Stats for July:

Page views: 7,217

Unique Visitors: 4,794

Top Post: Staying Organized with the Erin Condren Life Planner 2,834 views

Top Referral: Pinterest

My goals for July were:

  • 1,500 monthly page views check
  • 500 unique visitors check
  • 20 email subscribers check
  • 600 pinterest followers no
  • 600 twitter followers check
  • 1,000 instagram followers no
  • $25.00 gross income almost- Net on the other had blew my gross #

I really focused on growing my email list by using Magic Action Box WordPress plug-in. It’s not the prettiest but it’s free and I’m all about free right now. I grew my email list by about 130 subscribers.

My goals for August:

  • 10,000 monthly page views
  • 7,000 unique visitors
  • 400 email subscribers
  • 1,500 Pinterest followers
  • 1000 Twitter followers
  • 1000 Instagram followers
  • 20 Facebook followers (I just started my FB page)
  • $30.00 gross income

So that’s it. I hope you found something helpful here. Looking forward to posting my August stats!

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