Earn Amazon gift cards by decluttering your house

Tired of the crazy mess in your house? Get rid of some of the clutter by trading-in your stuff through the Amazon trade-in progra. Earn Amazon gift cards for your used or new stuff. Click through to read more or pin now and read later.
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If you have read my blog at all, you’ll know that I’m all about making extra money and staying organized and productive. Part of that is having a clutter-free house.

An easy way to declutter your home AND make some extra money is by using the Amazon Trade-In program. If you’re like me, you’re constantly trying to declutter your home. How do we acquire so much stuff?!?

I recently learned about the Amazon trade-in program. I guess I’ve lived under a rock or something because the program has been around for a while. Basically you can trade-in any type of media and/or electronics that are lying around your house.

Own the complete set of “Arrested Development” on DVD and you can now watch it on Netflix? Trade them in! Received a great art or cookbook as a gift but never look through it? That can go too. Have an old camera? Trade it.

This is how it works.

  1. Find any books, electronics, DVDs or other media lying around your house.

I’ve traded in a lot of college textbooks. Box sets of DVDs get a good trade-in value. Some old iPhones can get you around a hundred bucks.

2. Check to see what the trade-in value of your items are.

Note that you won’t get as much through the trade-in program as you might get by selling your items on craigslist or ebay. BUT if you don’t want the hassle of selling them yourself, the trade-in program is an easy way to get rid of valuable clutter.

3. Figure out the condition of your trade-in items.

Err on the side of caution here. Don’t list an item in “like new” condition unless it’s in gift-giving shape. You will earn more in trade-in for better condition items.

You can see the estimated value of your products during this stage. Unless you grossly misrepresent the condition of your items, this is the amount you can expect to get via trade-in.

4. Package and ship your items to Amazon.

It’s free to ship everything to Amazon, just print out the free shipping label they give you.

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5. Get yo’ money!

Once Amazon has received and processed your items they will send you an email with your Amazon gift card for the amount your items are worth.Β 

If for some reason Amazon rejects your item (maybe you entered the wrong SKU number or the condition is worse than you thought) they will return the item to you.

That’s it! An easy way to earn some major cash on an Amazon gift card through the trade-in program. Easy peasy.

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