How I Made Over Two Thousand Dollars From My Blog Last Month

Blog income report for my eighth month of blogging. $2,162
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Hello and welcome to my January blog income report. Things are trucking along and I’m really pleased with how well everything is going so far.


First off, I want to say that I invested in two courses that have made my amazing progress possible and those are Michelle Gardner-Schroeder’s e-course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing 


Melyssa Griffen’s Blog to Biz Hive.

I completely recommend these courses! I’m so glad I had the foresight to invest in my blog from the beginning because it has ABSOLUTELY paid off in both income and traffic.

Reasons for Posting Blog Income Reports:

Why would I want to post my blog income reports? Well, if it hadn’t been for other bloggers posting their income reports (like Michelle from Making Sense of Cents), I might not have ever started a blog like this.

I’ve blogged in the past but it was purely a personal blog. I started this blog with monetization in mind from the get-go. That doesn’t mean I don’t share quality information, I do! In fact, there are a million easier ways to make money than from blogging. I do this because I know I can help people, especially overwhelmed moms, with crafting the life they want and desire through side-income projects and productivity/organization help. I’ve been a mom entrepreneur for the past eight years. I work, I teach at the college level, I’m earning my Ph.D., I co-produce a podcast, and I’m a mom and wife. You could say I’m “doing it all” and I want to help other moms who want to do the same.
As for blogging, I find blogging reports inspiring and very helpful. Even the ones that post low numbers.

  • They show me what is achievable through blogging.
  • They can highlight tools and tricks I may not have thought of.

The reasons I want to post my blog income report:

  1. I want to have a record of my progress.
  2. To keep myself accountable.
  3. To give full disclosure to my readers.
  4. Perhaps I will inspire someone else, as I’ve been inspired by other bloggers.

This is in no way bragging. It’s solely for tracking, inspiration, and accountability.

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Blog Traffic January 2017

Pagviews: 57,444

Unique Visitors: 34,204

Traffic has really increased since my last income report for November 2016. Most of my traffic still comes from Pinterest but my focus on SEO is slowly paying off and I’m getting more organic traffic from Google than ever before. I also had a few posts go viral on Flipboard and I’ve started focusing on Facebook traffic which brings in a fair amount of page views.

Social Media Numbers:

Pinterest: 7k (up from 5.4k in November)

Twitter: 2,500 (up from 2,484 in November)

Instagram: no idea. I haven’t even logged in all month.

Facebook: 347 (up from 235 in November)

I honestly did not do anything to improve my Instagram or Twitter. The amount of traffic I get from Twitter and Instagram are so minimal that spending any real amount of time on them just doesn’t seem to be a good use of my time right now.

I just recently started spending more time with Facebook. I’m trying to get that on a semi-regular posting schedule before I focus on anything else.

Blog Income:

Adsense : $58.69

Amazon Associates: $519.60

Flex Offers: $58.40

Other Affiliates: $700.00

BlueHost: $520.00

Productivity Freedom Sales: $582.00

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing: $78.80

Melyssa Griffin Courses: $ 98.50

Total Gross Income: $2,615.99 (up from $1,112.12 in November)


ConvertKit: $49.00

BoardBooster: $5.00

Total Net Income: $ 2161.99

How I made over $2000 on my blog this month. Blog income report, how I made money on my blog through course creation and affiliate marketing.

Did I reach the Goals from November?

  • 30,000 monthly page views – yes
  • 27,000 unique visitors – yes
  • 1300 email subscribers – yes
  • 5,000 Pinterest followers – yes
  • 3,000 Twitter followers – nope
  • 1000 Instagram followers – nope
  • 250 Facebook followers – yes
  • $600.00 gross income – yes

Goals for February:

  • 60,000 pageviews
  • 3000 email subscribers
  • 8,000 Pinterest followers
  • 400 Facebook followers
  • $3,000 gross income

Past Income Reports:

So that’s it! I hope you found something helpful here.

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  1. Thank you for this. I came to yor blog for the productivity post, and i came across your income report. I have been blogging for a while but I have not done much money yet. I . ust started a new blog and I have a good course. I will not buy the courses you suggest for now since I got a good one, and otherwise I keep myself in circles. But I will follow you, and probably start a blog on income report.
    By the way I came across your site in Pinterest, Instead of doing my meditation I went straight into pinterest. I can never keep to my routine that I schedule. So now back to meditation.
    I really admire how you do so many things. I have so many to do and I do not seem to achieve anything. I am also studying, and doing two blogs and a youtube channel.

    1. Wow, it sounds like you have a lot going on but are on the right track. Congratulations. What course are you doing? I’m always down for learning new things. 🙂

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