The Best Daily Planner Posts for Staying Organized: Roundup

If you are a regular reader of my blog you’ll know that I looooove using a daily planner. They keep me organized, help me stay on track while I juggle work, school fitness and kids. If you need some inspiration or a simple how-to on how to use a daily planner, read on for a great list of quality posts all about daily planners.

The best daily planner posts for hitting your goals. A roundup.

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Here are a few posts about daily planners that I’ve written and that are helpful in staying organized:

If you are looking for the perfect daily planner, I recommend the Erin Condren life planner. You can save $10 through my affiliate link here.

Color Coordinated Planner

If you’re ready to try color coordinating your daily planner, check out some of these posts for tips and ideas.

Paperly People has a great post on color coding your week. I love  the way she uses color coded time-blocking to help organize her day. She has a different color for the various “blocks” of time she devotes to certain tasks.

I Heart Planners has an interesting take on color coding. She uses different colors for levels of urgency instead of color coding by category.

Habit Tracker

If you have trouble remembering to do things that you’d like to make a habit of doing, try making a habit tracker in your daily planner.

This post written by Clementine Creative offers you a free daily habit tracker. It’s a printable that you can put into a three ring binder or shrink it and put it into your own A5 planner. I’ve found that tracking daily habits is a great way to stay motivated, particularly when you have a big goal in mind like loosing weight or saving money.

Struggling to decide what you want to track? All About Planners has a great list of 100 things you could track plus she has free printables.

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DIY Daily Planner

If you haven’t found your perfect planner yet, why not make your own? Here are some posts for making a DIY daily planner.

This is  a great post on Sparkles of Sunshine all about creating your own daily planner. She’s got some great printables for planners and calendars too.

This post at Classy Career Girl gives you ideas for a great DIY A5 planner.

All About Planners is an excellent resource for all things planner. Check out this post for instructions on how to make your own planner and printables.

There are a ton of free planner printables over at Malena Haas. She calls it her “girl boss” bundle and she definitely has all of the pages you need to get started on the right track!

 I love using a daily planner. They keep me organized, help me stay on track while I juggle work, school fitness and kids. If you need some inspiration or a simple how-to on how to use a daily planner, read on for a great list of quality posts all about daily planners. #organize #planner #dailyplanner

Setting Up A New Planner

Even if you are a pro at planning, setting up a brand new planner can be a little daunting. Here are some ideas for starting a new daily planner.

This post from Scattered Squirrels gives a great overview on how to set up a new planner. Whether you’ve been planning for years or are just starting out I’m sure you will find some useful information in this post. Plus, she’s got some great printable to-do lists too.

This post from Creative Home Keeper lists four things you must include in your new planner. She has some great tips on seasonal planning.

Bullet Journals

I’ll admit, I was a little late to the bullet journal craze but I’m hooked now. I wrote a post a while back about how I set-up my bullet journal. I’ll post an update on how it’s going soon. Until then, check out these other great posts.

Boho Berry wrote a great post about setting up a bullet journal. She’s got a great how-to video and a free printable to help you make your own bullet gratitude page.

Zealous Mom has an excellent post all about the dos and don’ts of bullet journaling. She’s got some great resources that can help you avoid some of the headaches of bullet journals.

If you need help setting up a basic bullet journal, check out the video at Bullet for a clear description on getting your bullet journal organized.


I’ve found that the BEST pens to use with your planner are the Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens. The colors are super-bright and they don’t bleed through the pages of your planner or bullet journal.

You can check out this post that shows you many of the Erin Condren Life Planner accessories.

The Bajan Texan has some great tips on color coding your planner and some information about her favorite pens.

This post from The Glitter in My Tea has some free printable planner stickers. I love making my own planner accessories. My favorite sticker paper is the Avery sticker paper.

It’s Your Planner

There is no “right” or “wrong” way to use a daily planner. Everyone has different needs and stays organized in different ways. If something doesn’t work for you, try something else!

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